Revolutionizing event communication: WikiEXPO solves email delivery issues with RCS messaging

Wiki Finance Expo World 2022 is the largest global finance exhibition, providing a platform for investors and finance professionals to exchange ideas and learn from each other. However, the organizers faced a serious problem when using traditional email marketing: many participants did not receive their event confirmation emails, resulting in numerous customer inquiries and complaints. WikiEXPO attempted to switch to WhatsApp business communication, but faced strict verification procedures and limitations, and even had their business account blocked. To overcome this issue, WikiEXPO ultimately partnered with Antoson’s RCS messaging service, successfully sending personalized event confirmation messages to each participant through RCS messaging.


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Through RCS messaging, participants can receive multiple event updates in a fast and convenient manner, including multiple image carousels and video introductions, providing a clearer understanding of event details and atmosphere. Personalized messages also include the participant’s name and registration number, reminding them of important event details and ensuring they do not miss any vital moments.

This approach successfully increased participant engagement and enhanced the WikiEXPO brand image, improving event exposure and participation. RCS messaging offers greater reliability, immediacy, and stronger marketing effects, especially when it comes to finance and investment events that require reliable information delivery. WikiEXPO looks forward to continuing its partnership with Antoson, creating more successful cases and bringing greater value to its customers.

Now, you too can learn from their success and use RCS messaging to improve event engagement, establish an industry-leading market promotion, and create long-term competitive advantages for your brand.

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