MessageHit RCS

RCS Business Messaging

The Next Messaging Experience

Advanced Messaging

Creating a direct marketing channel

Building brand awareness

Improving customer engagement

Cultivating customer loyalty

Use Cases in RCS Mobile Campaign

Take your brand communications to the next level

Elevate the customer experience with the RCS messaging experience, enabling brands to engage customers and reach new audiences.

Verified Sender ID

Send trustworthy marketing messages with sender brand name. Engage customers with trusted brand messaging. Max. 11 characters (Alphanumeric)

Video/ Animated GIF

Recommended video length: < 30 sec

Multiple Images

Up to 6 images (Carousel format is available for iOS)

Message Title

Max. 64 characters

Content Description

Support dynamic contents for personalized message with unlimited text

The new era of message marketing

Rich Messaging Era
  • Supports Video, Hi-res. images, unlimited text & links.
  • Up to 1.9MB file size
Image Messaging Era
  • Supports text, links and image.                     
  • Up to 300 KB file size
Text Messaging Era
  • Only supports text and links.
  • Up to 70 Chinese and 160 English characters

Want to Re-Engage Your Existing Customers for More Business

RCS message competitive price as low as

Need Precision Message Marketing to Get New Customers

Target customers based on location, demographics, preferences & interests etc.