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Seamlessly reach your target audience in China

Whether they are tourists, individuals with working visas, Chinese expats or locals.

Hong Kong Retailer

Can I target high-spending Chinese female tourists aged 25-45 in Hong Kong who are interested in buying beauty products?

Sure! Since our big data marketing solutions integrates multiple data sources in China, you can also specifically target customers (both online and offline) who frequently purchase Japanese or European & American beauty products, making your advertising placement more precise and attractive.

Overseas Property Agency

Can I target people who have been to the UK in the last few years and are interested in UK property?

Of course! You can also target overseas Chinese in the UK who are currently there in real-time or mainland Chinese who are planning to go there, and use precise advertising placement based on the income level and spending power of your target audience.

Babycare company

I want my advertising to target specifically Chinese parents who have recently had a newborn.

👌 No problem!

Financing service

Can I target Chinese tourists who intend to travel to Hong Kong and Macau, with a monthly income (RMB 50,000 or above) and are interested in financial products in Hong Kong?

Yes, you can! Despite advertising content for financial services in China are highly regulated, you can still apply for advertising review through our services and launch precise digital marketing in China once approved.

How Antoson Programmatic Ads Work

We collaborate with a centralised data provider to integrate various data sources across China on consumer behavior, payment records, preferences, and demographics etc. This enables us to offer precise and high-quality audience profiles segmented by various factors such as age, income level, spending power, location, interests, and purchasing behavior. Combine with the use of Demand-Side Platforms (DSP), leverage the big data analytics and audience segmentation technology to achieve precise marketing.

Best In Class Data Sources

Comprehensive Audience Profile

Across dimensions and industries!

Mobile User Data

Consumer Data

Travel Data

Career Data

Extensive China Media Network

Across various channels, formats, geographies, and business verticals. 

and many, many more…

Ad Formats

Address ad campaigns directly to the target audience at the right time on the proper screen and with the adequate ad format.

Banner Ads
Splash Ads
Video Ads
Native Ads

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