Location-based (LBS) Messaging with RCS

Revolutionize your marketing efforts: The power of data-driven and targeted advertising to drive sales and ROI.

Leverage the power of LBS Messaging

The simple solution to attracting a larger customer base.



Office ladies

Target commercial area, aged 20-38 female, fashion & beauty lovers

High income household


Target high-end residential area, aged 30-50, interested in financial investment

Industrial area

Office workers

Target industrial area, aged 30-40 male, with employment intention



Target University area, aged 18-22, interested in education and learning


Family groups

Target Disney area, 30-45 years old, female, interested in parent-child topics

Lantau Island

Local tourists

Target sightseeing area, aged 20-50, both male or female, love to travel

Country Park

Hiking lovers

Target Sai Kung hiking checkpoints, 50-65 years old, care about health

Unlock the Full Potential of RCS Messaging

Achieve highly targeted advertising by segmentation based on the following key factors.

Location-based service (LBS)

Reach your target audience by delivering RCS ads to a pre-planned areas (within a 200m radius), e.g. High-end residential areas, popular shopping malls, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), commercial areas, and more - All based on users' mobile location data.

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Refine your target audience by filtering users based on key demographic data, such as gender, age, etc.


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Preferences & Interests

Target your ideal customers based on their preferences and interests, such as travel, beauty, education, food, finance, fashion, recruitment, parent-child, etc.

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Refine your audience by filtering users based on key device data, including brand, model, price, Operating System, and and replacement frequency.

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Achieve highly precise ad placement by combining all of these 4 key factors and delivering ads to your ideal audience.

Experience the full benefits of LBS Precision Marketing

Precision Location Targeting

Using the power of LBS technology to deliver RCS messaging to your ideal audience, including real-time location, residential and work locations, or past visits to achieve precision marketing and increased conversion rates.

Timing is everything

Target customers when they enter your pre-planned ad area with precise timing through automated ad delivery, increasing customer engagement and conversions.

Rich media for maximum impact

Deliver a more engaging and dynamic advertising experience with support for videos, multiple images, animations, and voice content, increasing customer interaction and overall marketing effectiveness.

Expand your business with Antoson

Achieve highly precise marketing and boost your ROI with our comprehensive advertising solutions.

Free Consultation
We offer expert advice on crafting the best advertising strategy for your business, helping you achieve maximum marketing effectiveness.
Service Confirmation
Once you have finalized your advertising plan, we will sign a contract with you to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.
Content Preparation
We provide sample messages mockup for previewing the advertising effectiveness (All materials are provided by customer).
Advertising Scheduling
We will arrange for the ad schedule, including applying for brand sender ID, submitting the ad content for review and setting target audience. (Takes 7 business days).
Ad Performance Report
We will provide an ad performance report 3 days after sending the ad, helping you understand the performance of your ad among target audiences and optimize your future ad strategy.


What is Location-based RCS Messaging

Location-Based Services (LBS), which is a type of service that provides location-based information, recommendations, and navigation through smartphones or other positioning devices. Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the next generation of SMS that allows multimedia content such as images, audio, videos, and animations to be embedded in messages to provide a more engaging and dynamic communication experience. Therefore, Location-based RCS Messaging or LBS Rich Media Messaging is a combination of location-based services and RCS technology, delivering messages to users at specific locations and times with various forms of content, including text, images, and videos. It has great potential in advertising, promotions, and business marketing, helping companies target their ideal customers accurately and enhance marketing effectiveness and customer experience. For example, a restaurant can send coupons to nearby users through LBS Rich Media Messaging to attract them to dine-in, and a retailer can provide promotional information to customers to increase sales volume.

Is Location-based RCS messaging more precise than Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Location-based RCS messaging (also known as LBS rich media messaging) and Facebook Ads or Google Ads each have their own advantages in marketing, but LBS rich media messaging may be more precise in location targeting. LBS rich media messaging promotion can locate the user’s position through the telecom company’s signal transmission station, and then send RCS promotions to users in specific areas. This method can achieve more precise and detailed mobile location positioning, such as in the range of shopping malls, specific streets, or around a building group. In terms of precision marketing, since user data are all from the telecom operator and have undergone real-name authentication, more accurate digital marketing can be achieved.


In comparison, Facebook Ads or Google Ads’ location targeting mainly relies on IP addresses and whether users have enabled GPS location services to locate user positions, and the precision of the positioning may not be as good as LBS rich media messaging promotions. In addition, Facebook and Google’s advertising platforms require users to actively go online or use applications to display ads, so they may not be able to accurately locate the user’s actual position. Moreover, since Facebook and Google only require users to register accounts at will, general users can have multiple accounts at the same time, which may not be as accurate as LBS rich media messaging in terms of user data accuracy.


In addition to the advantages of positioning and user data accuracy, LBS rich media messaging promotions have other benefits. For example, the opening rate of RCS promotions is high because they are directly sent to users’ mobile phones, and users are more likely to notice them. Furthermore, RCS promotions offer a highly cost-effective solution that delivers rapid and measurable results. LBS rich media messaging promotions also offer the ability to incorporate engaging multimedia content, including images, audio, animation, and video etc, which effectively captures user attention and drives higher levels of engagement, resulting in improved advertising interaction rates.


Overall, LBS rich media messaging promotions may have advantages in location targeting and user data accuracy, and have advantages such as high opening rates, cost effectiveness, and high interaction rates. They are suitable for some industries with relatively concentrated geographic locations, such as catering, shopping malls, retail, and tourism etc, and can achieve better advertising effects. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the coverage and efficacy of LBS rich media messaging promotions are subject to the reach of mobile signals. Hence, when selecting advertising strategies, marketers should take into account the unique needs of their brand and the characteristics of their target audience to ensure that the appropriate advertising method is selected.

How do you ensure user privacy and security in the location-based RCS messaging services?

As a professional RCS marketing service provider, we are committed to providing Location-based RCS messaging services that comply with legal regulations and industry standards, ensuring maximum protection of user privacy and security.

Our precise marketing data is sourced from telecom operators and provides users with the autonomy to choose whether to receive telecom company and third-party promotional messages. The sender’s ID of the RCS requires business registration proof provided by advertisers for prior approval, and the advertising content also requires reporting and review to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the information and to prevent illegal activities such as non-compliant content or fraud.

In addition, we also provide the option of opting-out and filtering through a registry of rejected recipients, so that users can choose to opt-out of relevant information promotions, protecting their autonomy and privacy rights.

We are committed to providing users with the safest and most reliable RCS messaging services, ensuring that their rights and interests are maximally protected. Let us work together to promote the development of the industry!

How does location-based RCS messaging service charge?

We offer a one-time service fee charged per the number of messages sent, which helps advertisers control costs and increase investment returns. Furthermore, our charging method increases the flexibility and accuracy of RCS marketing, while also being cost-transparent and promoting fair competition. If you would like to learn more, please contact us for further details.