Complete Ticketing Solution

The Next Event Experience

Complete Ticketing Solution

The Next Event Experience

The future of event experience

Use NFT and blockchain technology to manage your event lifecycle, from presale marketing, selling, issue tickets & payment, verify tickets, reports & post-event engagement, all in one place. We believe ticketing can be more easy, safer, and more fun. We provide digital smart tickets, fraud prevention, resale, and ticketing services for all markets, helping artists and event organizers foster closer connections with fans.

Unlock the Benefits of NFT Ticketing

Smart Tickets

With full control and insight, view the real-time progress of ticket sales anytime, anywhere, simplifying registration management and billing processes. All tickets ownership are recorded on the blockchain and can be viewed in real time.

Avoid Ticket Fraud

NFT tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to the visitor’s smartphone, leverages dynamic QR codes that change over time and owner. Making fraud impossible.

Reward Fans with NFT collectibles

Reward fans with exclusive perks like VIP experiences, collectible NFTs, merchandise, future access passes, and more. Assets can be airdropped into ticket holders’ wallets before, during, or after an event, and can be keep as a memorial or resold as collectibles, allowing fans to gain real value from event attendance.

Secondary Market Revenue

Full control and insight into primary and secondary markets. Control resale price with price ceilings. Get paid from secondary sales through royalty fee. Get back the profits that would have gone to the scalpers.