Effective Marketing Strategy: CTgoodjobs Personalised Messaging

Importance of innovative marketing strategies in reaching potential job seekers

As the job market continues to evolve, companies must find new and innovative ways to reach potential job seekers. CTgoodjobs, a leading job search platform in Hong Kong, found success in using RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging to deliver personalised job recommendations to its users, thanks to their effective marketing strategy. 

Advantages of using RCS messaging for job recommendations

By partnering with a leading RCS messaging provider – Antoson, CTgoodjobs was able to create a seamless messaging experience for its users. The RCS messaging service allowed CTgoodjobs to send rich messages to its users, including personalized job recommendations based on their search history and preferences.

Use RCS Messaging as a touchpoint to drive Engagement to its WhatsApp Automated Service Platform to increase engagement with job seekers

The messaging campaign was designed to deliver relevant job opportunities to users in a timely and personalised manner. CTgoodjobs used a variety of messaging formats, including images, videos, and links, to create engaging and informative messages that would capture the attention of job seekers.

In addition to delivering personalised job recommendations to job seekers, RCS messaging is also leveraged as a touchpoint to drive users to its WhatsApp “搵工快” automated service platform for customer servicing. By including a call-to-action (CTA) in its RCS messages, CTgoodjobs was able to encourage users to engage with its automated service platform for further assistance and support. This integration of RCS messaging and WhatsApp automated service platform created a seamless and efficient user experience, allowing job seekers quickly and easily to find relevant job opportunities and receive support when needed. The use of RCS messaging as a touchpoint to drive engagement with the automated service platform further contributed to the success of CTgoodjobs’ personalised marketing campaign.

Impressive Results


Delivery rate


Open rate



The results were impressive. CTgoodjobs achieved a 100% delivery rate for its RCS messages, meaning that every message sent was successfully delivered to the user’s device. This was a significant improvement over traditional SMS/ MMS messaging, which often suffers from delivery issues.

The open rate for the RCS messages was also impressive, with 93% of users opening the messages they received. This high open rate was largely due to the personalised nature of the messages, which were tailored to each user’s interests and preferences.

The click-through rate (CTR) for the RCS messages was also noteworthy. CTgoodjobs achieved a CTR of 20.6%, meaning that over 1 in 5 users who received an RCS message clicked through to view the job recommendations. This was a significant improvement over traditional email marketing campaigns, which typically have a much lower CTR.

User Success Story

One user, a recent college graduate named Sarah, shared her experience with CTgoodjobs’ RCS messaging campaign. “I had been struggling to find a job in my field for months,” she said. “But then I started receiving personalised job recommendations from CTgoodjobs via RCS messaging. The messages were so helpful and relevant, and I was able to apply to several jobs that I wouldn’t have otherwise found.” 

Sarah’s story is just one example of the success that CTgoodjobs achieved through its RCS messaging campaign. By delivering personalised job recommendations directly to users’ devices, CTgoodjobs was able to connect job seekers with relevant job opportunities in a timely and efficient manner. 

Positive Impact on Business

The success of the RCS messaging campaign also had a positive impact on CTgoodjobs’ business. The platform saw an increase in user engagement and job applications, which in turn led to increased revenue for the company.


Overall, CTgoodjobs’ use of RCS messaging to deliver personalised job recommendations was a resounding success. The high delivery rate, open rate, and click through rate demonstrate the effectiveness of this messaging channel in reaching and engaging with job seekers. As the job market continues to evolve, it’s clear that innovative solutions like RCS messaging will play an increasingly important role in connecting job seekers with relevant job opportunities.

Now, you too can learn from their success and use RCS messaging to improve your personalised marketing strategy, establish an industry-leading market promotion, and create long-term competitive advantages for your brand.

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