Revolutionize Event Communication: BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference Drives 10x Conversion with Immersive RCS Messaging


In the fast-paced digital landscape, effective event communication holds the key to success for business expos and conferences. This customer success story explores how BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference (BGOV) transform their event campaigns into immersive experiences, achieving outstanding results. Through RCS messaging, BGOV enhanced attendee engagement, drove higher registration rates, and created unforgettable event experiences.

1. Engaging Customers and Boosting Visitor Registrations

Recognizing the value of existing customer relationships, BGOV utilized RCS messaging to re-engage their customer database. By delivering captivating event promotional videos, exclusive previews, and personalized messages, they fostered high-quality pre-event communication experiences. Attendees were enticed to register early, driven by the anticipation and excitement that RCS messaging generated.

2. Attracting Tech Startups as Exhibitors

BGOV understood the significance of showcasing their event as a hub for tech startups and innovation. To attract top-tier startups, they deployed a location-based RCS messaging solution. Highlighting previous show successes, success stories of startups, and the unique benefits of exhibiting at BGOV, RCS messaging proved to be a powerful tool. Tech startups recognized BGOV as the premier platform to showcase their innovations.

Overcoming the Limitations of Email Direct Marketing (EDM)

In their previous efforts to attract tech startups as exhibitors, BGOV relied on traditional Email Direct Marketing (EDM) campaigns. However, they soon realized the limitations and challenges associated with this approach. EDM proved to be ineffective in running precision email marketing campaigns specifically targeted at tech startups. Some of the disadvantages included:

  1. Difficulty in Precision Targeting: EDM made it challenging to precisely target tech startups due to limited data segmentation and accuracy. BGOV struggled to reach the specific audience they desired, hindering their exhibitor recruitment efforts.

  2. Poor Delivery and Open Rates: EDM faced issues with deliverability and open rates. Many emails ended up in spam folders or remained unopened, resulting in missed opportunities to engage potential exhibitors.

  3. Inability to Stand Out: With the high volume of emails flooding tech startup inboxes, BGOV found it difficult to differentiate their messages and capture the attention of potential exhibitors. The lack of interactive and engaging content limited their ability to make a significant impact.

Leveraging Location-Based RCS Messaging as the Solution

Recognizing the need for a more effective and engaging communication channel, BGOV turned to location-based RCS messaging as a game-changing solution. By leveraging RCS messaging, BGOV was able to overcome the limitations of EDM and effectively attract tech startups as exhibitors. Here’s how location-based RCS messaging solved their challenges:

  1. Targeting Tech-Savvy Areas: BGOV utilized location-based RCS messaging to reach potential exhibitors in tech-savvy areas such as Cyberport and Hong Kong Science Park. By specifically targeting these locations, BGOV ensured that their messaging reached the precise audience they desired – tech startups actively engaged in innovation and technology.

  2. Engaging Multimedia Content: Unlike EDM, RCS messaging allowed BGOV to deliver rich multimedia content that captured the attention of potential exhibitors. They could showcase previous show highlights, success stories of startups, and the unique benefits of exhibiting at BGOV through interactive and immersive messaging experiences.

  3. Enhanced Interactivity and Engagement: With RCS messaging, BGOV could provide a seamless and interactive exhibitor recruitment experience. Potential exhibitors could easily access registration forms, view virtual booth layouts, and engage with BGOV. This level of interactivity fostered deeper engagement and increased the likelihood of successful exhibitor recruitment.

"The transition from EDM to location-based RCS messaging was a turning point for our exhibitor recruitment efforts. We experienced a significant increase in tech startup exhibitors, thanks to the precision targeting and engaging content delivered through RCS messaging. It truly transformed our ability to attract and engage the right exhibitors for our event."
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Seiko Lee
Business Development Senior Manager at Baobab Tree Event

3. Driving maximum visitor participation for BGOV 2023 by targeting Retail Expo attendees

BGOV recognized the importance of maximizing visitor participation for their event. They understood that targeting the right audience, particularly those attending the Retail Expo 2023, was crucial for achieving their goals. To overcome challenges and ensure success, they implemented an innovative marketing tactic that utilized location-based RCS messaging.

Targeting Retail Expo 2023 Attendees with Location-Based RCS Messaging

BGOV strategically utilized location-based RCS messaging to specifically target attendees of the Retail Expo 2023, taking place at the HKCEC. By focusing their marketing efforts on individuals in the HKCEC area during the Retail Expo, BGOV aimed to capture the attention of attendees and drive their participation in BGOV 2023.

Advantages of Location-Based RCS Messaging:

  1. Precise Audience Targeting: Location-based RCS messaging allowed BGOV to precisely target attendees of the Retail Expo 2023 in the HKCEC area. By reaching out to individuals who were already interested in similar events, BGOV increased the likelihood of attracting engaged participants for their own event.

  2. Enhanced Engagement and Personalization: With RCS messaging, BGOV could deliver interactive and engaging content directly to attendees’ smartphones. They could showcase previous show highlights, exclusive offers, and provide a seamless pre-registration experience, all within the messaging platform itself. This enhanced engagement and personalization resulted in increased visitor participation and a more memorable event experience.

"The use of location-based RCS messaging by BGOV was a game-changer for our event participation. By reaching out to Retail Expo attendees in the HKCEC area, they effectively captured our target audience's attention and achieved higher participation rates. It was a seamless and engaging experience for attendees, leading to the success of both events."
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Seiko Lee
Business Development Senior Manager at Baobab Tree Event


By leveraging RCS messaging, BGOV created engaging experiences that captivated attendees, resulting in higher registration rates and increased exhibitor recruitment. The integrated marketing tactics used by BGOV showcased the power of RCS messaging in driving event success. From re-engaging their existing customer database to attracting tech startups and driving visitor participation, RCS messaging proved to be an effective tool in delivering exceptional event experiences.

"BGOV's strategic implementation of RCS messaging completely transformed our event experience. The personalized and immersive campaigns surpassed our expectations, allowing us to establish a deeper connection with our audience. The remarkable increase in registrations and exhibitor recruitment is a testament to the effectiveness of RCS messaging in driving event success. Overall, we achieved an outstanding 10x increase in registration conversion rate by leveraging the power of RCS Messaging."
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Seiko Lee
Business Development Senior Manager at Baobab Tree Event

By harnessing the power of RCS messaging, businesses can elevate their events, increase attendee engagement, and create unforgettable experiences. Embrace the immersive world of RCS messaging and unlock the potential for your event’s success.

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